Operating Instructions

CAUTION: Before using PAINLITE, please consult your physician and identify your ailment. He/She is the authority to recommend the use of PAINLITE.

Read the user manual very carefully and familiarize yourself with the points of treatment for your ailment.

Plug in the unit to a standard 110/230V AC electrical outlet. The device will emit a beep tone and the LEDs will start glowing, indicating that the device is ON.

Keep the device on the point as suggested for that particular ailment (please make sure that the surface of the device comes directly in contact with the skin).

Move the device in a circular motion on each point. Treatment time per day should not exceed more than 5 minutes.

The device will shut down automatically after 5 minutes. And you can then remove the plug from the electrical outlet. After finishing the treatment, please have a glass of water or milk.


PAINLITE must be strictly used according to its user manual. For body areas not mentioned in the manual, a doctor's guidance is essential.

Please Note

Pre-surgery or Post-surgery Doctor's advice is essential.


  • Patients receiving drug treatment for certain diseases may feel drowsy. In such cases, special attention needs to be paid to patients with high blood-pressure and diabetes.

Do not use PAINLITE in the following situations

  • When sweating profusely
  • Immediately after a hot bath
  • Immediately after a meal
  • When hungry
  • When pregnant

PAINLITE stimulation sometimes causes the patient to feel drowsy. This is normal as the stimulation has a relaxing effect

Do not use PAINLITE on body areas which are injured or operated upon

Never take the treatment on an empty stomach.

Treatment Points